Types of Book Binding You Should Know

You might be wondering how to custom bind a book.

Binding books have been around for years and can be a fun project or activity. In modern times, plenty of styles and options have become available, making custom binding popular. 

If you have books or documents you want to bind, there are various types of custom book binding you can choose from. 

Sewn bind

Sewn bind is one of the oldest types of book binding and is one of the most durable. In sewn binding, the pages of your document or book are tied together with thread and then fastened to the spine of the book. You can choose among sewing types of Smyth, Spine, and Side Swen.

Perfect bind

Perfect binding is commonly used for softcover books like magazines or directories. With this form of binding, thermal glue is used for bonding the pages and cover together at the spine. The remaining three book sides are then cut as necessary to give them crispedges.

Wonder bound

This type of bind creates a soft cover that mimics the look of a hardbound. The option may be useful for those who have budget constraints but still want to receive high-quality volumes. 

Inter-screw bind

Also known as Chicago screw binding, this is an excellent choice for any portfolio or workplace document. Holes are precisely bored and secured with binding screws between two covering boards.

Spiral bind

Spiral binding, or coil binding, involves using a wire or plastic coil that is inserted through holes punched at the edge of a paper. 

Saddle stitch bind

Saddle stitch binding is a bookbinding procedure that involves stapling folded sheets of paper together along the spine edge in a single operation.

Do you have a book or document you want to bind?

Art Bookbinders of America is a custom book binding firm based in Chicago, Illinois. They also provide print and digital services. Check out their website or contact them at 312-226-4100 for more information. 

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