5 Reasons Why NCERT Solutions Are Recommended By Experts

Students who wish to become engineers or doctors start studying for the entrance exams in Class 10 and are continuously looking for more in-depth study materials. Numerous publications have been created by various writers to help individuals get ready for entrance tests. While such books might help you stay determined and focused on your goal, it’s equally important to study from the books your school has recommended, which are NCERT books, as advocated by the majority of experts. These are the most fundamental problems and they are addressed first. The NCERT solutions are essential for preparing for all entrance exams.

The CBSE recommends NCERT books since they closely follow the curriculum. Students can do all of the activities in the textbook and get detailed, in-depth solutions. The ideas included in the solutions are useful when studying for entrance exams, though NCERT solutions are notably helpful during study and revision for the board exams. Below is a list of the benefits of using NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions for national-level competitive examinations.

  1. NCERT books comprehensively cover the curriculum.

Since they are thorough and also frequently cover the whole chapter completely, NCERT books can be relied upon totally without failure. NCERT solutions are useful since they cover the majority of the essential chapters and spare students from having to reference other books, which is helpful because entrance exam syllabuses are sometimes large.

  1. NCERT books adhere to the entrance exam syllabus and the CBSE curriculum.

Since the majority of admission tests use the CBSE curriculum, students who have taken the program before have an edge. The problems and their answers in the NCERT solutions, which also adhere to the CBSE curriculum, greatly aid pupils in their preparation. You, therefore, increase your chances of succeeding twofold when you use both NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions.

  1. The chapter is thoroughly explained in NCERT books.

NCERT solutions are excellent for learning and understanding ideas in addition to offering comprehensive responses to the textbook exercise questions. The thorough responses go over every chapter and succinctly address even the most challenging topics.

  1. NCERT books offer straightforward explanations for all crucial subjects.

These books are written in an easy-to-understand style since they are aimed at students in grades 9 through 12. Although the explanation is thorough, it is given clearly, unlike other reference books that take the subject outside the bounds of the curriculum solely to make it interesting. Even the most challenging math and science topics are simple to learn when using NCERT books and NCERT solutions.

  1. Questions in entrance exams frequently resemble those in NCERT textbooks.

Since the curricula for CBSE and NCERT are comparable, or you can say, almost the same, and resemble each other, students frequently discover that the exam questions are similar to those in the textbooks. Therefore, studying from NCERT textbooks for CBSE Classes 11 and 12 can aid in your better understanding of the subjects and performance on the admission tests.


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