Benefits of Online Education

For most families in Washington, the idea of public school online wasn’t a consideration prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year. However, as schools struggled to comply with local and state agencies in order to safely open, it became clear that for some families this type of education was going to be necessary.

While we understand the hesitation in moving to online learning, there are also a number of benefits to consider. Here’s why we think going online can be great.

  • Flexibility

Many schools offer a virtual learning option for students, however, these virtual classes still require a very strict schedule. There are designated times for each subject and students need to be logged into their online portal for a large portion of the day. Online courses, as a contrast, provide more flexibility. The information is available through the edgenuity student login area and can be completed whenever the student’s parents are around to help.

  • Complete School in Less Time

Being able to complete classes and lessons at your own pace means that some students will be done with class much earlier in the day than they would with a normal in-person or virtual school. This is just a factor of how quickly a student picks up a given subject and can be one way that students find more time in their day for other activities like sports or work.

  • Learn According to Your Style

Not every student learns the same way and this can be challenging in a traditional school environment. When classes are taken online there is a freedom to learn using the style that’s best suited for you as an individual rather than simply completing it the way the teacher demands it be done.

  • Comfortable Learning Environment

While going to school and seeing your friends can be fun, there’s no doubt that the desks and chairs aren’t the most comfortable. When you are working from home you can sit in the most comfortable chair you own, you can wear comfortable clothing, and you can make sure that the environment is set up in a way that helps you be successful in school.

While some students might be hesitant to try online learning, we think it can be a huge benefit.

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