Why Primary School Tuition in Singapore Matters

Do you have doubts about letting your child take Primary English Tuition to improve his English Proficiency? Some parents would want their kids to enjoy their childhood instead of spending most of it attending an English, Maths or Science tuition centre after school.

But here’s the thing, the Primary level serves as the main foundation for your child’s academic knowledge. Missing crucial topics may make it difficult for students to cope with the more complex lessons at the Secondary level. Students in the Secondary Maths Tuition Centre who did not take Primary Tuition tend to display more learning difficulties than those who did. Here’s why attending a Primary School Tuition is crucial.

It is a Good Use of Your Child’s Free Time

Don’t get us wrong, playing is also crucial for children’s development. However, it must not consume the largest portion of your child’s time. Allotting some time for Primary School Tuition will help your child practice productivity, discipline and diligence.

It Emphasises The Importance of Education

A classroom packed with students may not be sufficient for your child to develop a value for learning. Most of the time, children are distracted in school. It can lead them to think that studying is boring. Attending a tuition centre can change this ideology. For instance, an English Tuition centre that exposes children to various activities will help them see that studying must be taken seriously but can also be fun.

It Teaches Your Child the Value of Collaboration

Most of the time, a Science Tuition Centre will offer activities such as group experiments or group problem solving to allow children to work together. This is a crucial aspect for the Primary age to learn and practice. Collaborating with other students will not only result in developing teamwork skills but can help your child gain friends.

LK Academy is a tuition centre in Singapore that offers tuition for various subjects including English, Science and Mathematics at the Primary and Secondary levels. Visit us today to start your child’s learning journey in our centre.


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