Uses of NCERT Exemplar in the Exam preparation

Schools conduct exams which are responsible for setting a foundation for your higher studies. If you are a student of Class 11, then the final examination is critical to go to the next level of your academics. Students who are in a dilemma about how to start preparing for the exam, don’t get too stressed or puzzled while preparing for your final exams. Schools, under the CBSE Board, prefer CBSE Books as it is the ultimate preparation tool for students. Learning is an important aspect which is incomplete without books. Students who aim to score high in their board exams can refer to NCERT Exemplar textbook. Concepts are explained through examples and some of them through diagrams, wherever necessary.

When we use a reference book for Mathematics, students get the advantage of going through a number of solved examples and unsolved exercise problems for practice. In Physics and Chemistry, students can have a clear approach to understanding the concepts in a more effective way. Students can make use of NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 11 Maths as their primary study material. These books are helpful for CBSE students to prepare well for the board exams. The books are redesigned from time to time based on the recommendations received from students and teachers. The concepts in these books are well explained in an interactive manner which is easy to understand and learn.

NCERT Exemplar Solutions helps them obtain a clear picture of the basics and fundamentals, which are significant from an exam point of view. NCERT Exemplar books add up to the learning skill of students, which enables them to improve their confidence in facing the exam without fear. Students can benefit themselves by solving the NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 11 Biology exercise wise questions for self-assessment and in mastering the techniques used in answering the questions. NCERT Exemplar textbooks are used by CBSE board and are helpful in competitive exam preparations.

The Main Objectives of NCERT are as follows:

  1. To provide research-based education among students to improve education standards.
  2. Develop similar education syllabus for the students across the country with proper study materials and tools for practice.
  3. The concepts are explained after conducting extensive research on each one of them.
  4. Improving knowledge among teachers to understand the usage of the latest teaching tools.
  5. Solving the exercise wise problems provides a better hold on each concept covered in the textbook.

The students are advised to solve both examples and exercise wise problems of NCERT Exemplar textbook in order to improve their conceptual knowledge. Solving the problems helps students analyse their areas of weaknesses and work on them. Students mainly obtain a clear idea about the exam pattern and the marks allotted for each concept in the exam. The books are designed as per the latest CBSE guidelines to make it possible for the students to score good marks in the exam.

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