Top Educational Portal for Kids to Learn Coding

Is your kid inclined towards learning coding, but you have no idea where to begin? No issues. In this article, you can discover some of the best educational portal for kids to learn coding.

1. Scratch

This is an educational portal designed by MIT for kids to learn coding. It is a free programming community where you can create interactive stories, animations and games.

This portal also incorporates key coding concepts like loops, variables, and conditional statements. It also lets you focus on the principles of Computer Science without having to worry about syntax or typing errors.

2. Create & Learn

This is an award-winning coding app that offers you more than 35 fun courses to choose from. It also covers topics like coding, robotics, AI, and game development for K-12 students. The experienced educators of Google, MIT, and Airbnb developed this app. Uber and Stanford with the intention of developing students’ critical thinking skills and creativity.

All the classes are conducted online in small groups by experienced mentors. All the children are welcome to join their free large group events with Google, NASA, and Pixar speakers.

3. Minecraft Education Edition

This platform is designed for students to learn through interactive gameplay, building, and coding. The students can learn complex maths, science, and history concepts while exploring historical sites and replicating science experiments.

The children can have variations of challenges and opportunities, like solving puzzles and creating fun games while learning important coding skills.

4. Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio has a simple interface and easy-to-learn coding language, it is a perfect app for students wishing to learn coding. In Roblox Studio, kids can access a vast library containing assets and tools to help them create their own gaming environment and characters.

You can even customise characters’ movements along with their lighting and terrain. Experts also conduct online coding classes that your kids can enjoy. Resources and step-by-step tutorials are also available for beginners.

5. Code.Org

It is a non-profit portal where students can learn to make their own gaming apps with the help of self-guiding lessons. It also teaches the concepts of sequencing, loops, and events, along with problem-solving techniques and responding to cyberbullying.


This educational portal pairs live online classes with fun games to encourage self-discovery in children. These were some of the best educational portals to help your child fulfil their coding dreams early.

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