The Importance of English Literature Lessons in Schools

English Literature is a very important part of your child’s education. They will be able to pick up heaps of skills and abilities through their everyday learning of reading and writing, which encompass the main elements of English Literature. There are all sorts of different lessons to be taught through English Lit lessons, which is why this independent school in Hertfordshire is so passionate about continued learning through this subject.

It teaches children about the different ways to write

There are so many things to write about that don’t just include short stories or novels. There’s poetry, songwriting, and other forms of prose that will help your child learn to make a connection with different feelings and emotions. They all help your child become aware of these different areas of literature and how they will benefit your child in their future studies.

Gives your child a lot of new ways to enjoy reading

Reading is a great pastime for all kids, and is a big development area in terms of helping young children get to grips with vocabulary and sentence structure. Having plenty of lessons on Literature will help your child find lots of different ways to appreciate story books and the novels they will be learning about in school.

Helps your child become aware of different genres

There is often just talk about the two main genres of reading books – fiction and non-fiction – of which almost all books fit into one way or another. However, there are so many smaller genres within those areas for children to explore.

History novels, fantasy novels, or comic books, as well as the hundreds of sections you’ll find in a bookstore, will give your child much more awareness of Literature’s impact on the world. Take your child to a library today to see just how many different categories they can get lost in through the world of reading and literature.

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