Best Kindergarten In Hong Kong For Your Child

Kindergarten or “Garden for children” comes from a German word. Kindergarten is said to be the most educational and ripe season for children aged two and above. Students in Kindergarten are just getting out of their comfort zones into a new world full of learning opportunities. 

Kindergarten is the first step towards building social skills, emotional maturity and resilience, and motor skills and is a preparation for more formal education. Invictus Hong Kong offers a holistic and co-scholastic education that sets up an impregnable foundation. This foundation invites a ‘growth mindset’ instead of following the set norms of society.  

The first educational experiences should be pleasant and inclusive, and Inclusivity in celebrating a plethora of differences among each student is celebrated in these early stages. Many parents adopt Invictus Hong Kong to nourish their children with a versatile curriculum, and Invictus Kindergarten extends a well-rounded bilingual education in both English and Mandarin. 

What To Look For In A Kindergarten For Your Kid?

When bilingualism is adopted from the earliest stages in child development, it ensures that both languages that they are learning are incorporated as mother tongues. Bilingualism magnifies their efficient hold on the language.

Kindergarten must also foster personality traits like teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, partnership, resourcefulness, and analytical thinking. In the very beginning, this type of education can add value to the first steps of one’s child into formal schooling. 

Selecting an integrated kindergarten with specialized teaching tools is vital and elemental for a parent or guardian. A student can only gain the best learning experience in a kindergarten that fosters a safe space for individuality.

While learning basic literacy and numeracy skills is a given for any kindergarten, the teacher-to-student ratio must also be such that it allows the teacher to focus on every individual without leaving any stone unturned. Individually tailored programs can then be easily designed for academic and co-scholastic growth. 

Experiences that go beyond the classroom must be part of the school. Cross-cultural awareness is also interspersed within the curriculum and co-curricular activities to ensure the overall growth into a globalized citizen. 

Many people think of skipping Kindergarten altogether, and they think it is not a relevant stage. However, Kindergarten ensures that children are provided with activity-based learning tools and exercises that fire their curiosity to the next level. The undying surge of learning is built from this early stage itself. 

The experience of collaborating with peers of the same age, communicating with teachers about their needs, exercising their minds, and indulging in many activities that promote learning is unique to every child. However, this experience must be given to them so that when their formal education commences, they are charged with a curious mind and a well-rounded personality themselves. 

Another important aspect of Kindergarten is its reward system. The reward system that Invictus Hong Kong’s students are made to go through is crafted to be a kind guide instead of a strict master. This rewarding system is an aid to encourage students and provide guidance sympathetically and kindly. 

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