The pros and cons of allowing kids to watch TV

Screen time is often a source of debate amongst parents. It seems that despite becoming a regular part of our daily lives, we’re still uncertain of how to use them with our kids. 

Like most things in life, screen time can be a good thing if you don’t get too much of it. Plus, TV time can be good for your kids if you choose the right free kids cartoons. To help ease your mind, here are the pros and cons of allowing your kids to watch TV. 

Pro: TV can teach important life lessons

Storytelling is a tried and tested form of teaching children the important lessons of life. In days gone by, children were told stories by their families around the campfire. Then, came books, plays, and puppet shows that taught kids about right and wrong. 

Today, cartoons are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. There are also some great free kids cartoons that will not only make your kids laugh but teach them these important lessons too! Where can your kids watch them? On TV of course! 

Con: Less time outside

Whilst watching TV can be a great way to pass the time, it often keeps us indoors. This means that your kids won’t be playing in the garden, playing a sport, or enjoying the fresh air.

Of course, kids may fall into the trap of just watching TV instead of spending time outside – regardless of the weather. 

Pro: TV has positive role models

Kids need a range of role models. This is because tried as we might, they don’t always listen to their parents. If only right? This is why TV can be quite valuable for your children

Through a variety of shows, they spend time learning from their favourite characters and the villains in the shows they watch. They’ll learn about sharing, honesty, and kindness from their heroes. From the villains, they’ll learn that it’s wrong to bully and treat others poorly. 

Con: Can form bad habits if done incorrectly

TV is an easy win and provides gratification quickly thanks to minimal effort. This can cause your kids to fall into the habit of seeking quick fixes instead of putting in the work. Although this will take a long time to build, it is possible. 

To avoid this, manage the amount of time your children spend in front of the TV so they learn to have fun in other ways. 

Pro: TV shows improve language skills 

Whilst we’re sure that you have a great vocabulary, there are probably some poor speech habits that you’ve picked up (don’t worry, we all do it). When it comes to language, the more kids hear people speak, the better they will be able to communicate. 

As they watch their favourite cartoon characters on TV, they’ll hear them speak. This will expand their vocabulary and strengthen their speech skills. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the pros of letting your kids watch TV outweigh the cons! 

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