Angry Parents Hold Pune School Responsible For Poor CBSE Results.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exam results announced on July 22 have angered the entire class of 100 class X pupils at the PB Jog English Medium Primary School, Kothrud, in Pune (est. 1995). As many as 80 students at the school receive grades in the single digits while failing multiple subjects. Click here to read more.

Even students who successfully passed the exam wish to have their papers reevaluated in the hopes of increasing their current marks because the school’s top students only received a score of 67 percent. Furious parents accuse the school of abandoning their children’s education during a vital test year, despite the school administration’s assertion that the bad results are likely the consequence of a board-level technical error.

Parents claim that because the school’s unresolved affiliation issue prevented it from receiving the term I exam question papers from the CBSE board, it was unable to administer the nationwide CBSE exams that were held from November 30 to December 1, 2021. Based on internal marks that all CBSE-affiliated schools were required to report to the board, the school administration persuaded parents that things would be easy for their children.

Due to COVID-related school closings and online teaching-learning, the CBSE board decided to hold the class X exams in two phases for the first time this year. The term II papers were subjective, but the term I exams contained MCQs. Taking into account the students’ term I and term II scores, the final results have been announced. The term I score has been given 30% weight, whereas the term II points have been given 70% weight.

The institution has now come under fire from the parents for failing to submit the term I exam results to the CBSE board. Students also remarked that they only attended physical classes in February and March and received little pre-board instruction in their online classes during the academic year. They claim that only a few days before the exams on April 26, 2022, the school gave them their term II hall tickets.

There has been a great deal of ambiguity. After the first term, many students dropped out, and many more didn’t show up when physical education classes resumed. Sadly, none of the subjects that the outside teachers concentrated on over the 15 days were included in the papers.

However, since receiving our affiliation at the start of the academic year, 2021–2022, this was the first CBSE batch we had to write class X exams. How can the school be held accountable for the low grades when the CBSE board is in charge of assessment and mark calculation? Anyone dissatisfied with their grades may request a reevaluation.

Although we are confident in our kids’ abilities, we are concerned that the administrative delays in getting the re-evaluated final scores may make it impossible for our kids to apply to reputable universities. We relied on the school to lead us because we were ignorant of the CBSE’s guidelines, and now our children are paying the price, said a parent who asked to remain anonymous.

Maharashtra performed 97.4% better than the national average in this year’s CBSE exams. The state administration began first-year junior college admissions on Tuesday after the release of the CBSE results (July 26).

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