Are Digital Devices Damaging For Toddlers?

With the age that we currently live in, it seems that devices are scattered left, right and centre with access being open to those of all ages. Today, there are many options for children such as apps, tv shows and games that are designed to help entertain them and keep them busy. Whilst digital devices are handy for most adults and teenagers for work and studies, it’s not always the same case when it comes to toddlers. Below is some advice from a private nursery in Tooting Bec on if digital devices are damaging for toddlers. 

Off screen time

There are few benefits that can be gained from toddlers using digital devices such as some media programs being educational for their young minds. However, it is essential that these littles ones get enough off-screen time too. It is imperative that young children get real life face time with the grown-ups that are around them as it helps with their brain development. If screen time is something that you really want to use, ensure that the only time that they have a screen in front of them is when they are learning.

It can encourage unhealthy habits

Parents should be aware that digital devices can affect a child’s development, physical activity, sleep, weight and eyesight. It can also have a significant effect on the way it limits social skills being developed. During the age of a toddler, lacking skills and major development can lead to bigger issues in the future.

It’s difficult to keep digital devices away from toddlers given that as an adult, you carry one on you all the time.  Don’t be scared to be that parent who constantly tells their child that screen time is limited. They may argue with you at first, but in the long run it will be completely worth it.


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