What Is An SPT Certification 

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In the present today, the sterile processing technician ( SPT) certification is a necessity for many medical and healthcare facilities and hospitals. 

What is an SPT certification? 

SPT is the acronym as sterile processing technician. It’s an certification that permits individuals to be employed as a sterile processing department of hospitals, which are usually in charge of sterilizing instruments for surgery as well as other medical equipment prior to surgeries or other procedures. To be able to work as An SPT, you’ll have be able to pass an exam administered by the Association of Technical Personnel in Surgical Care (ATPSC). This certification guarantees that you’re equipped to be a professional with all the skills necessary for this job that includes material handling and cleaning techniques. 

For the majority of healthcare facilities is required by law to ensure that sterile processing technicians are licensed by the ATPSC SPT certification by passing the exam within six months of being employed or advancement within their company. Many hospitals require their workers in their facilities, from nurses to janitors — to complete regular training courses that keep them informed of any new laws or regulations specific to preventing infection caused by contaminated equipment in procedures for patient care (such such as surgery). 

Does this SPT certification worth the cost? 

This SPT certification is a great method to start your career with your career in the sterile processing business. It is a great tool to include on your resume and could assist you in obtaining work within the sterile processing industry. If you are successful in your work and do it with a serious attitude and are committed to it, this certification could help you be promoted within your position in the sterile processing sector. 

How do I get an SPT certification 

  • You must have the High school diploma, or GED. This is the initial step to becoming an SPT. It’s not required, however it can make things easier later on. 
  • Take part in an SPT training course, which is offered by a variety of organizations , including The American Red Cross and local universities and colleges. It’s not necessary to have a college degree to be an SPT however it can help you stand out in the job market after you’ve been certified! 
  • Take your certification test (the CPT-NSCA) with at minimum at least 80%. This means studying hard beforehand and taking practice tests until you get comfortable with all of its content: proper ways to lift someone without getting hurt yourself; how much weight should be on each side during CPR treatment; when someone needs therapy instead of just first aid treatment…etcetera). Don’t stress overly if it seems difficult, but we’ll go over how often these tests have changed in the next section! 

There are any institutions in Califonia that offer SPT certification? 

You can locate an institution that provides SPT certification by looking online or talking to your employer. 

To locate a school conduct a search on the internet for “SPT certification” and see what results show up. It is also possible to inquire from your company if they are aware of any schools in your region which offer SPT certification. 

Where can I find continuing education credits to earn the SPT certification? 

In addition to the training that you will take during your education You are also able to get the continuing educational (CE) credits toward your SPT certification by taking classes from other organizations. It is the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) provides several CE credits to general SPT professionals, as well as members who specialize in certain tissues. AHES also offers CEs in addition. It is also possible to purchase CEs from AMDR when you work in the field of medical device Reprocessing. 

If you’re interested in becoming the sterile processing technician It’s worthwhile to get an SPT certification. 

If you’re planning to become an sterile processing technician It’s worthwhile to get SPT certification. The SPT certification indicates that you’ve got the experience and abilities required for the job. This will also give you an advantage over your competitors since it shows that you have gone beyond simply mastering the fundamentals of sterile processing rather it indicates a deeper knowledge of the most advanced methods and procedures within this area. 

Furthermore having an SPT certification can be advantageous for your professional prospects, but it could also aid in social advancement too! Particularly those with this kind of certification are more likely to earn money than those with no certification (according to research from Glassdoor). 


It’s true that the SPT certification is a great certification to possess however, it’s not necessarily the only one available. If you’re interested in becoming an sterile processing technician is worthwhile to get one, however you should also think about different options. For instance, some individuals undergo formal training courses while others study on their own or by taking apprenticeships with skilled technicians. 

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