Tips and Strategies For Effective Study From Home

The Covid 19 has affected the various sectors of the economy including hospitality, aviation, education, retail, etc. The impact may be more or less but no sector was unaffected by the pandemic. Talking about the education sector, there was a temporary closure of schools, colleges, and universities by the government. As a result, schools, colleges shifted their base to virtual platforms to conduct classes online. This sudden shift from traditional classroom learning to online learning has forced the education institutions to improvise and adopt e-learning to combat the issue.

However, it is challenging for both the institutions and the students. Studying from home can be distracting, or lack of equipment can create a barrier for the students for effective learning. It requires strong will power for the new learning environment and some strategies to stay focused.  Here are some of the tips to study from home effectively.

Establish a Routine – Create a routine, set a proper time to wake up, study and for other activities. Consider study from home as if you are studying in the college or school library.

Study Space – Your study space needs to be different from your resting place. If you are in your relaxation area chances are you might sleep or get distracted by something. Make a proper timetable and paste it on the wall, cupboard, notebook or study table and let your friends and family know your study timings so that nobody disturbs you.

Study Plan – Create a study plan for a week or whatever suits you. Write down the task for every day you have to complete and at the end of the day tick mark the ones which are completed. You can also share your study plan with your mom or your friend with whom you are studying. This will just keep you more accountable and on track.

Doubts & Problems – For all your doubts and problems you can join the online study groups where you can post your doubts and ask for help. If you are stuck with any subject, ask your peers or you can download some sort of  learning app. Right from chemistry doubts to online maths solutions, everything is there on the web and on these apps. Connect with learning communities to stay engaged.

Eat & Sleep cycle – Prefer having healthy snacks while you are studying. Having a proper sleep schedule of 7-8 hours is important at this stage. It will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and you are ready to start your next day.

Break Time – Set break times and schedule them after every 45 minutes. Sitting at one place can be tiring. Stretch, move around, drink water or you can walk around the room.

Take Notes – Taking notes during the classes can be helpful. Also, remember to switch off your phone to avoid any sort of disturbance. If you are on your laptop/computer close all the irrelevant web pages or tabs to minimize distraction.

External Classes – If you need extra classes or external help with any subject then one can download the learning apps. There are a lot of learning apps available online where you can take reference from & learn from the experts. Fliplearn is one such platform where one can avail all these services. Fliplearn offers personalized learning programs designed for kindergarteners to 12th-grade students with 19000+ academic videos, gamified quizzes, concept maps and assignments.

With the current situation it is recommended to learn online and stay safe and healthy. Learning should never stop.

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