Times Are Changing, So Is the Way We Do Our Homework

Doing your homework can be a pain sometimes. And it’s not fun. But did you ever think about why this old system of giving lessons is still used everywhere in the world? If yes, then here’s why.

It helps you retain what you have done in class. It is a kind of revision. Writing things down will help you remember more than just listening to the teacher speak. Especially some crucial points that you might have missed during the lecture.

But why Homework? It’s so dull. Well, not anymore! Homework and learning are evolving according to the needs of the time and the interests of the current generation. It is also happening due to advancements in technology and the ongoing pandemic. Humans have always adjusted to the situation, and it is the same with online education and homework in particular. As a result, schoolwork nowadays has become more fun and attractive. It is no more the same tedious activity as a few years back.

An example of this is the many virtual sciences and math games and a learning application. Your child can use them to practice concepts they are struggling with as they are an excellent resource for visual models.

These apps are already regularly used in classrooms and homework, like a homework app. It has made learning more exciting and has shown a lot of improvement in students’ grades. But with all the technological distractions, like messaging or video games, can it be possible for your students to study and do their homework effectively?

In this technologically advanced world filled with distractions, focusing on doing homework or anything can be difficult due to the wide variety of electronic gadgets available. Nowadays, students and their smartphones have become inseparable. And although students might say that it does not matter if they’re watching TV and doing their homework, which might seem harmless to you as well, this can seriously impair learning the material and result in lower test scores.

However, there are numerous ways parents can help their children focus on their homework or studies and get less distracted. One of these methods includes teaching your child to take technology breaks to separate schoolwork from using technology. Or you can cut your child’s homework time in half, during which they cannot use their phones. This way, they would spend less but quality time doing their homework.

Technology can help students do their homework in many other ways like:

  1. Thanks to specialised educational platforms and social media, students can get round the clock feedback from their tutors.
  2. Furthermore, connectivity permits tutors to guide students during their assignments. Previously, students had to chase their tutors through the corridors or invade their offices when they had doubts.
  3. Students have easy access to search engines, online encyclopedias, an education app and planforms with endless resources. Students can also easily access recorded videos and loads of specific information to provide great content for their assignments. To the students benefit again, these resources are accessible anytime, making a students life much easier. And Unlike libraries, the internet is never closed.
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