Swim School and Other Places in Singapore to Learn Swimming At

Swimming is an essential skill your child must acquire for survival. When we talk about learning how to swim, we almost always think about attending a Swim School. After all, there are many such institutions in Singapore. Where else shall we send our children for their swimming lessons, right?

However, the reality is that not all parents can afford or have time to send their children to a Swim School. Thus, finding a place where your child can safely learn to swim is crucial. Here are some of our suggestions:


Pasir Ris Swimming Complex is an ideal place to get your child interested in swimming. The ambience is inviting and fun. Colourful water slides and swimming pools with varying depths are accessible inside the Pasir Ris Swimming Complex. You can go to the place with your child or have him tutored there.


Just like Pasir Ris, Hougang Swimming Complex is a good place for children to learn how to swim. Although the swimming complex does not have those massive slides, it boasts lap pools ideal for swimming lessons.


Due to its proximity to houses and the availability of public transportation nearby, Toa Payoh Swimming Complex is another good option for your child’s swimming lessons. Children who are learning to swim often flock to Toa Payoh Swimming Complex. Thus, your child will never feel out of place.


It is also ideal to spend the summer vacation in staycation places with private swimming pools. This will allow you to oversee your child as he learns how to swim. Some people who can afford to build private pools in their front or backyard often do so for their child’s private swimming lessons.

·        RESORTS

Water parks and resorts are also good places to train your child to swim during the school break. More often than not, lifeguards are stationed in resorts to keep guests from drowning or threading into unsafe waters. Thus, you will be reassured about your child should you need to go to the bathroom or attend to a call.

While these suggestions can be taken, it is still advisable to opt for a real swim school if you want a safe training experience for your children. It is especially true if you will not be able to supervise your child due to lack of time or inexperience.

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