Optimizing your Study Hours to the Maximum

The clouds of uncertainty still float around the heads of the students preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET this year. With the second wave of the coronavirus and yet another lockdown like last year, what will happen with the exams is uncertain but the students have more time in their hands to prepare for probably the most important exam in their lives yet. Every year many students struggle with even completing the syllabus and on top of that, revising it more than a few times before exams. The syllabus is vast and this extra time might be just what the students need to amp up their studies if they haven’t yet. Anyone preparing for these competitive exams knows now how essential this preparation time is for them. Everyone is clearing every possible doubt they have, some are studying online, some have JEE doubt clearing groups with friends online and some are stuck on the traditional method of relying solely on books. There is no correct way nor a wrong way to study, what matters is that you get to understand the concepts behind everything.

As mentioned, there is no correct nor wrong way to study, but there are ways you can optimize your studies even in less time. The first and most important is clearing all your pending doubts. Remember that equation you tried to solve a few times, but couldn’t and then gave up on it? Revisit that equation once more and try to solve it, even if you are not able to, use the internet or download any doubt app for maths and use that to find the solution. The main point here is to understand why you were stuck after you figure out a way to solve it. Do it for all such equations and questions of other subjects too. Clear the backlog first. Now that you have cleared all or most of the doubts that were holding you back, register and give a test series. There are many test series available online, test series help you evaluate your study and thus you can focus on topics you are weak in depending on the results. Some test series are held on a national level, it helps to get an idea as to where you stand against your competitors in a practice test. But no matter the rank, focus on covering all topics.

For science students, R.D. Sharma and H.C. Verma’s books are nothing less than holy texts. Many students entirely depend on these while studying. It is time to stop that and use every tool you can to help you study.  Various mobile apps like Kunduz, Doubtnut, Doubt Go, etc. offer services to solve your doubts related to any subject. There are even many videos available online that can help you understand a topic better. Use every tool for studying, clear your doubts as soon as possible and keep practicing.

Best of luck with the exams!

Bradley Weiman
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