Method of Writing the Resume of a COO

Resume of a COO

If you observe a competitive COO or Chief Operating Officer resume, you will find it to be filled with demos of knowledge of a specific industry, confident leadership, and, of course, experience. While preparing the resume, you need to leverage the finest practices, like using particular metrics and action verbs. The chief thing is you need to utilize the ideal format. To create a Chief Operating Officer’s resume, you need to follow some tips. Additionally, you have to take guidance about the kinds of action verbs and competencies that you need to comprise in the resume besides the templates that would cater to your resume.

Some factors you need to follow when you prepare a Chief Operating Officer’s resume are:

Dynamic profile to summarize qualifications 

The 2 to 3-sentence part of a COO resume works similarly to an elevator speech as it grabs the attention of the hiring manager. While preparing the resume, you should think of customizing the summary so that you can include your experience and skills that will be ideal for the organization you want to join.

When you are a COO candidate, you should be mindful that your employer will expect you to display lots of business as well as leadership experience. The most important thing is you should include a summary so that you can mention the time for which you have worked in the industry besides the period you have worked in the management position.

Relevant certifications and education

Commonly, an employer wants a COO candidate who has lots of experience. Additionally, he wants him to have the relevant education. Most often, hiring organizations accept only those candidates who have college degrees. This way, they can ensure that their education is smoother to scan. While preparing your resume, you should never forget to mention the name of your school, the year when you graduated, and your degree. You should include all the degrees you have earned. If you are an executive candidate, you should have professional certifications. When you have a PgMP (Program Management Professional), CMA (Certified Management Accountant), or CME (Certified Management Executive), mention your credentials on your resume.

Mention your pertinent skills

When you are a COO candidate, your work history part becomes a large component. You need to pay heed to the skills that your employers look for. You should make it a point to include your relevant skills that will make your resume go through ATS (applicant tracking systems).

Achievement-driven professional experience part 

When you create your COO resume, you need to customize your experience part if possible. For instance, if you apply for a post in the medical field, you should include your experience in leading teams.

Specialized skills

To create a strong Chief Operating Officer resume, you need to include your achievements, an action verb, and particular metrics. The resumes of COOs are different from other resumes as they are high-level documents that speak volumes about their highly specialized skills that are sought after at an executive level.

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