Bringing the Office to Your House: The Case for Remote Work

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the COVID-19 epidemic has prompted more than one-third of businesses in a variety of industries to increase telework for part or all of their employees. According to the BLS, more than 60% of the companies that improved their telework alternatives want to keep them functioning forever.

If you’ve recently joined the ranks of remote workers, reality may have crushed your dreams of working from home. Working from home may appear to be a fantastic scenario if you anticipate sliding out of bed and getting to your home office in minutes, without the difficulties of getting ready and going to work with a boss and coworkers who could drive you insane.

At-Home Possobilities

Nowadays, many different industries offer at-home positions, whether it be full-time or half the week. Popular options include the occupations listed below:


Remote, part-time, adjustable schedule and independent transcribing are all work-from-home choices. A transcriptionist’s typical activities include transcribing audio or written data, checking reports, and fixing mistakes. The majority of transcribing tasks will need a typing rate of 75 WPM or above.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing coordinators, SEO experts, and content designers are among the marketing opportunities available. Marketing is the act of promoting and establishing a product or service.

Daycare Provider

Running a daycare business from home with an organization like Celebree, which has been helping daycares with getting established and functioning for nearly three decades, might be an excellent choice for parents with little ones who do not want to leave their homes but also are unwilling to deal with the headache of childcare plans. Licensing yourself and obtaining the necessary certifications, as well as converting your house into a daycare, maybe an amazing alternative for you and an ideal method to help your children connect with others.

The Public’s Opinion

Many employers encourage and promote remote employment as well. Employees may work from wherever it is most convenient for them, and companies can recruit the finest individuals for the job regardless of location. Research has shown that this opportunity has actually helped to increase work ethic and has lowered the overall unemployment rate.

Productivity in General

Workers are not only more effective, but their employers are as well: 72% of businesses with remote work arrangements report that their employees are more productive. Another 22% believe remote workers are similarly efficient, while only 3% believe their employees aren’t as effective when they work from home.

Just over half (55%) of the organizations we looked at had a remote work policy. Remote work is most prevalent in medium-sized businesses (201 to 500 people), with two-thirds (67%) implementing remote work practices. Smaller businesses (five to twenty employees) are less inclined to provide remote work (42%).

Advantages of Working From Home

  • More time for appointments and errands.
  • Meetings and brief chats produce fewer disturbances.
  • The advantage is that no time is needed for travel or gas expenses.
  • More time is spent with family.
  • You can usually finish your task while you’re at your most productive.
  • You have the ability to do more.
  • You might be able to save money on work attire.
  • The freedom to live anywhere you desire.

The Drawbacks of Working From Home

  • Work and pleasure are not physically separated.
  • It is easy to misinterpret cues in online chats.
  • You do not get a change of scenery.
  • There is less face-to-face interaction with employees.
  • You are not eligible for any in-office benefits.
  • You must become more self-motivated.
  • Some managers may be prejudiced against persons who are absent from work.

Numerous individuals embrace remote work arrangements, citing greater work-life balance as one of the multiple benefits, as do firms that benefit from lower operational expenses. Other businesses, on the other hand, feel that workers perform and communicate better in the office and that employees who work entirely remotely feel isolated.

Everyone has their own motivations for choosing to work from home. Many people think that avoiding travel allows them to devote more time and energy to things they like, whether for health reasons, the necessity to schedule work around care duties, or just to lower stress levels.

If you have a history of teaching and want to make a living from home, consider launching a daycare franchise with Celebree. You may make a difference in the lives of a kid whose parent cannot afford traditional childcare but yet requires someone to be present while they work.

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