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Some people find learning the english language to be a daunting experience. But here a couple of fun facts about the English language as a whole that should help make it a fun learning experience.

– English is a language that is spoken in most parts of the world with over 800 million native speakers.

– English is second only to Chinese.

– 1/4th population of the world speaks english.

– The English language is not governed by any organization or entity unlike many other languages around the world.

– It is the official language for about 67 countries around the world today

– A few of the english words that we generally use were coined by William Shakespeare in his works, which were then commonly used by the public

The english language has had it’s past. In today’s ever evolving world it is good to have the knowledge of the english language in your arsenal. English learning was never as easy as it has become in the past couple of years with the onset of technology and advancements in teaching. Technology has taken over the education and learning sector by a storm. We have seen a boom in technologically driven advancements in learning in the past few years. Just as the phrase goes; Necessity is the mother of all invention. In the past year when we were all confined to our homes due to the widespread pandemic. All learning institutions were brought to a standstill. Remote learning or digital advancements in the field of education became a necessity, which in turn gave rise to a digital revolution. Today english learning has become easy due to similar advancements in teaching and learning. A student is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom but is now free to learn whatever they wish to learn, regardless of problems like regional boundaries and persisting evils of the society like social status. One can learn easily from any part of the world with bare minimum requirements.

When we talk about english learning I think most of us can recall the old British Sitcom – ‘Mind Your Language’. Where in a single class teacher gets subjected to teaching a multitude of students from different regional backgrounds from various countries of the world and helps them learn english. Not to dig deeper into the concept, but now that we look back at it, we can see the flaws in the system. Every human requires a personal touch while learning. A herd mindset might not work to grow a developing education system. Every student requires a personalized way of learning. This is exactly what we are now seeing being implemented with the help of technology and advancements in the field of machine learning and A.I..

Every individual who wishes to gian command over the language in order to speak fluent english, might wish to start learning the basics in their own mother tongue/regional language that they understand in the very first place. Today mobile applications have made it possible for the users to communicate with their smart devices in their own mother tongue. A.I. is able to pick up cues from the user and help them speak better by talking back and helping them with their accent. These apps help users speak english easily and fluently with the help of easy speech tests and interacting with them via the interface. This helps the student build confidence as they are much more in control of the process and can learn at their own pace and in a language they inherently understand. These apps also allow users to join various student communities and groups to interact with each other and gain insights into bettering themselves.

We are seeing a shift in the education sector and all we can do as of now is hope for the best. Until then, Happy Learning to You!

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