Hips Don’t Lie! 4 Belly Dance Movements To Move Like Shakira

Colombian pop star Shakira is one of the most well-known belly dancers across the globe. Many people got inspired by her hip movements and enrolled in belly dance lessons. Most of her music videos will show her effortless, sultry, and sexy hip movements. She takes belly dancing into her heart and adds her own soul and flare when dancing.

Enrolling in a belly dance school in Singapore can help take your dancing skills to the next level. But if you want to learn at home, follow these steps that will make you move like Shakira.


Hip lift is one of the fundamentals when you take belly dance lessons. To do it, bend both of your knees, straighten your right leg, and then slowly lift your right hip upward. Do the same on your left hip until you make a fluid movement on both hips.


Place your left foot with your heels lifted two inches in front. While bending both knees, lift your left hip, and then slowly take it back to its original place to do a hip drop.


Belly roll is another belly dance fitness movement. While bending your knees, start contracting your upper abs and gradually roll them inward to do a belly roll.


Position your arms in an outward lifted pose, then raise your rib cage while letting your chest out. To make things easier, imagine you are changing your ceiling lights. You can also learn this in your belly dance lessons.

Once you get the hang of these movements, try to do them at a faster pace to move like Shakira. Also, you can watch and study how her hips, flare, and belly move in a fluid dance. You can learn the basics by watching videos and advancing your learning by taking belly dance fitness classes.

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