Creating value in Higher Education through ERP Automation


  • What is ERP 

ERP which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is software designed for helping companies, businesses or educational institutions manage their operations and activities. It features various tools and applications where the user can store, access and manage data. 

  • How ERP helps Higher Eds 

ERP helps higher education systems manage their daily tasks seamlessly. It integrates control processes like fee payment, transport system, library, student management and teacher management in one database. It connects all departments and brings the processes under one centralized system thereby reducing the chances of error or redundant data. Higher educational systems through ERP can boost their institution’s performance and enjoy a simpler and more efficient management system. 

  • Camu ERP for Higher Eds 

If you are looking for an education ERP software, Camu provides easy yet efficient solutions for higher educational institutions. Some of its top features are – 

 Unified SIS & LMS

Camu offers a unique unified Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) for a thorough learning experience. The unified SIS & LMS eliminates the need to integrate data. All the required resources are available in one database. It provides accurate and up-to-date information for students as well as teachers whether it is about the lecture timings or course offerings. The course design and content can be reused simplifying the job of teachers as they approach new semesters or terms. The classroom activities such as test grading, assignment grading and attendance marking can be done instantly from anywhere. This data can be easily accessed and also reflects in the grade card without any hassle.  The student’s progress and performance are diligently recorded and observed for efficient evaluation. 

Outcome-based education (OBE)

Outcome-based Education is made possible through Camu’s effective curriculum design, delivery and assessments based on the Washington Accord principles. It aligns teaching course designs, assessments, question banks and teaching plans with accrediting bodies. It has a flexible framework to customize direct and indirect attainment models. 


Camu simplest the pre and post-examination process by automating the regulation, bundle management, re-evaluation and certificate generation. The platform can integrate with Choice Based Credit System as well as Fixed Enrollment. Through COE, you can generate online exam applications and schedule examinations. You can also issue digital hall tickets, set up the seat allocation system for students appearing for examinations and publish results online.  


The choice-based credit system gives freedom to the students to choose the subjects as per their interests. They can create a study plan and learning experience that is unique to them. The students can also enrol on additional classes beyond their course.


Camu features a quality accreditation and quality assessment module that tracks the progress and performance of each student throughout the year. It also tracks the administration and management system, highlighting the strength and weaknesses parameters of the institution. One-click reports are made available for all assessments with a detailed analysis of the key responsibility areas. 

  Virtual classroom 

Virtual classroom sessions conducted through the Camu education ERP software are seamless and reliable. It has a video conference feature that links with the lecture schedules and delivers it with high-quality audio and video. The student’s attendance is recorded automatically without the need for lengthy measures to mark each student’s attendance. Teachers can conduct quizzes and polls in real-time enabling an interactive learning experience. 

Mobile solution

Attaining higher education through ERP is an ideal choice with the mobile solution feature in Camu. Through Camu mobile, your smartphone becomes a tool for learning and education. It provides instant connectivity and real-time interaction at any time of the day. Through Camu mobile, parents can also have direct access to their child’s academic progress. There are different applications and settings for teachers, students, parents and management. Teachers can generate their teaching plans, grade assignments and correct exam papers from the mobile while parents can easily interact with teachers through a chat platform on the application. Camu mobile also makes life simpler for students who can get instant feedback and performance reviews on their assignments while keeping up with examination schedules and lecture timetables all in the palm of their hands.

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