Why local marketing vault- Unveiling the program’s unique approach?

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Local marketing is for businesses of all sizes. Connecting with customers in your backyard helps set you apart from competitors and boost loyalty. But cutting through the noise and implementing an effective local marketing strategy is easier said than done. That’s where Local Marketing Vault comes in. This innovative program takes a unique approach to helping businesses maximize their local visibility and engagement. Keep reading to learn what sets Local Marketing Vault apart and why it’s quickly becoming a game-changer for local marketing success.

Hyper-targeted focus

Local marketing companies take a broad, one-size-fits-all approach. However, Local Marketing Vault recognizes that each business and location is unique. From the outset, they spend time understanding your specific goals, target audience, and community. It allows them to develop a tailored game plan to help you dominate your local market.  Whether you’re a small shop on Main Street or a franchise with multiple locations, Local Marketing Vault will pinpoint exactly where and how to reach your ideal local customers. Their hyper-targeted strategies help cut through the clutter so you stand out in your specific backyard.

Omni-channel marketing

The biggest mistake businesses make with local marketing is limiting themselves to just one or two platforms. A siloed approach misses opportunities to connect with customers across channels and devices. Local Marketing Vault takes an Omni-channel approach. It means developing and executing strategies using a variety of online and offline platforms. From search, social, and display ads to community event sponsorships, direct mail, and more. Their goal is to help you engage with local customers wherever they are; however, they prefer to interact. A Deep Dive into the Limitless Capabilities of Medium article on LMV and Their Impact on the Automotive Industry.

Boots on the ground support

Digital marketing delivers great scale, but nothing beats good old-fashioned personal connection. That’s why Local Marketing Vault dedicates boots-on-the-ground reps to support local business communities. Their street team helps with grassroots marketing and events to increase visibility and engagement. They also provide valuable intel back to the broader team about what’s working locally versus nationally. It allows Local Marketing Vault to fine-tune your hyper-local strategy for maximum impact. 

Proof in the results

At the end of the day, what matters most is how local marketing affects your bottom line. Local Marketing Vault has built its reputation on delivering consistently stellar ROI across sectors. Their clients enjoy an average 30% bump in foot traffic, a 26% increase in phone calls, and a 15% rise in local leads. One impressive example is how they helped a six-location dental practice dominate its local markets. Leveraging omni-channel strategies, Local Marketing Vault helped the practice generate 5,800 new patients in just 10 months. The campaign delivered $7.2 million in new patient revenue.

Local marketing vault works

  1. Local Marketing Vault begins every partnership with its proprietary Local Market Audit. This extensive assessment benchmarks your current local visibility, identifies untapped opportunities, and pinpoints where competitors are outpacing you.
  2. Armed with data-driven insights from the audit, they develop a customized Local Dominance Plan. They are outlines the strategies and tactics to help you capture your share of the local market.
  3. They then activate all the recommended strategies, handling everything from content development to platform management and campaign optimization. Ongoing monitoring provides the crucial visibility needed to adjust in real time.
  4. Along the way, their local team provides on-the-ground support to boost engagement. They also offer unlimited one-on-one coaching to ensure full optimization of recommendations.


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