Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

A new language should feel exciting and invigorating for children; they’re able to pick up a heap of new knowledge, as well as discovering what it means to think and dream in another language. Some children are born into families that require speaking a second language and have to learn from a young age, which is perfect for their memory and development skills.

In this guide from a pre-school in Oxford, here are some top tips for guiding your child through picking up a new language.

Use different apps and games

Nowadays it’s easy to get ahead of the game by using the number of different apps and games out there designed to help your child pick up new skills. They will all give your child a lot more enjoyment in what they’re learning, as well as helping your child develop new ways to pick up the language.

Sing songs

Many songs rhyme and sound similar to help your child remember key words. It’s even helpful as an adult to help with verbs, tenses and common rules found in different languages. Songs are a great resource for young children who will need to be reminded often of what they’re learning in order to retain information in the best way.

Get in on your child’s learning

Two people learning a language together is going to be a lot more effective than just one, so why not pick up skills together? A language is a really accessible way to help you get around a different country, or to help build your own skills, and it will greatly help your child pick up on their speaking and listening skills.

Pick up helpful reading books

Books that are accessible and in different languages will help your child naturally enjoy the freedom they have in reading and writing. The more chances they have to see the language they’re learning the better they’ll be able to pick up new words and recognise what they mean.

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