List Of Some Of The Available Courses In Bicol – Complete Edition

If you’re wondering about the different courses offered in Bicol and which one to take, this list is perfect for you. Enumerated here is a shortlist on the most common and rare courses offered in the Bicol region. A description is included in the list like the courses in the College of Engineering Bicol area to help you distinguish what you’ll learn and benefit from earning the degree.

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Civil Engineering

This course offers four years, from five years cut down to four. Because of the K to 12 program the junior high school bicol to senior high school years have tackled a few of the minor and major subjects in the civil engineering program. The course offers basic principles of science with mathematical and computational tools to solve problems associated with developing and sustaining civilized life.

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Architecture

This course offers students with knowledge, skills, and competence in the architectural field. Enhancing their skills and talent in designing and developing structural aesthetics while applying the basic principles and rules in building.

  1. Bachelor Of Fine Arts

The bachelor of fine arts with specialization in visual communication is offered in one of the best school in Bicol which is the University of Santo Tomas Legazpi. This program explores the basic and advanced principles of multimedia arts, with emphasis on the communicative aspects of the craft.

  1. Bachelor Of Library And Information Science

The program helps students learn effective ways in managing library operations which also tackles topics on systematic handling of books, documents, etc. You can also go for the virtual library like Z library that helps to read and download the books and other documents.

  1. Bachelor Of Arts In Communication

This program aims to develop theoretical and practical skills within students to prepare them for job opportunities that focus on journalism, media, advertising, public relations, etc.

  1. Bachelor Of Arts In Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Students that graduate from this program may also opt in further study to earn a PhD in philosophy or go to law school.

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior of a person. Learning and applying the psychological theories is helpful for Psych graduates that opt to be psychologists, psychometricians, guidance counselors, human resource specialists, etc. This can also be a prep course for med school.

  1. Bachelor Of Education

This program has a lot of branches namely: Bachelor of early childhood education, bachelor of elementary education, bachelor of secondary education, bachelor of special education, etc. Education programs are best suited for students who aspire to become educators.

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Accountancy

The accountancy program aims to produce globally competitive and skilled accounting professionals. Students learn business concepts, processes, and procedures, accounting functions and reporting standards, auditing standards and procedures, information and communications technology, legal and regulatory framework.

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration

Students can choose two options from this program, whether to major in financial management or marketing management. The former offers learning programs for students that want to enter the finance industry honing their skills in financial management and business assessment. While the latter focuses on essential marketing skills for a successful marketing strategy for businesses.

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Tourism

This program develops the skills of students needed when entering the tourism industry. A few of the job opportunities they can land are flight attendant, ground handling personnel, tour planner or tour guide, airline manager, etc.

Final Word

All these courses are offered in the UST Center for Continuing Education, providing students adequate knowledge and developing their skills to prepare them for their chosen careers.


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