How To Save Up For Your Kid’s International School Fee In Singapore

Everyone can agree on the crucial role of education in a person’s life. Individuals of various backgrounds, cultures, religions, genders and ages have a fundamental right to attend school and gain access to education since it is vital in broadening their knowledge and developing skills. Contrary to what others think, taking classes at an educational institution is not a privilege. Attending lessons at primary, college, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE schools in Singapore should be open to every resident who wishes to learn and acquire abilities that will improve their quality of life.

But like most needs and rights of human beings, education costs money. While some institutions offer free programmes and scholarships, most learning facilities provide classes at various price points. They calculate their lessons’ costs based on their learning resources, facilities, and operations. They also adjust their tuition fees depending on the programmes they offer and the instructors they hire. If you plan to sign your kid up for an international school, prepare for a fee breakdown that costs more than local and government-aided institutions.

But despite the high costs of an international school fee in Singapore, many mums and dads still choose to enrol their children in these learning facilities. These premier institutions are known for their comprehensive and globally competitive programmes that allow children to participate in classes teaching far-reaching disciplines that can sharpen their minds and skills. Moreover, international schools are ideal for children from expatriate families who are still adjusting to their immigration to Singapore. These global programmes also help young learners prepare for studying or working outside the country, especially if they take the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or IBDP in Singapore.


Tips For Saving Up For Your Child’s International School Fees

If you plan on signing your child up for classes at an international school, know that its fee structure in Singapore requires preparation. Enrolling them in an internationally-recognised facility may be challenging for some families, but it is not impossible. You can save up and grow your resources to send your precious ones to a premier educational institution in the city-state and prepare them for their bright future.

But how can you begin saving up for your little one’s international school fee? Read on to learn a few tips to help you manage and allocate resources for future education expenses.

A.  Start Planning And Saving Now

No matter how young your child is, you should begin saving up for their future education as early as today. You do not have to dedicate most of your income or resources to their international school fee and lay your other financial obligations on the line to start planning and stashing funds for their education. You only need to include the expense in your budget to minimise the burden of shouldering hefty school fees.

To help you save up, you should dedicate a different bank account for your kid’s education fund. You should also ask yourself the type of international school and programme you want for your child. Should you sign your child up for such a facility from primary school, or should you transfer them to the institution when it is time for them to attend IBDP programmes in Singapore?

B.  Settle Your Debt And Rethink Your Spending Habits

Before saving up to settle an international school fee breakdown, you should pay for your existing debts as soon as possible. Whether you have a credit card bill, car loan, or personal credit, allocate your resources to these arrears before paying for education expenses. You will not want to face the high-interest rates of these loans and credits while settling your child’s registration fees since it will most likely leave you with a financial burden.

Aside from paying your debt before signing your kid up to one of the top IGCSE schools in Singapore, start reconsidering your spending habits as soon as you plan to enrol your child in an international learning facility. Doing so will allow you to allocate your resources wisely and save as much money as possible to cover your future education expenses.

C. Find Ways To Grow Your Funds

While saving up to cover an international school fee structure, you should consider growing the funds you reserve to help you gain more money. You could think of it as a passive investment or income that will let you receive additional resources, in big or small amounts, to help you settle your youngster’s future educational expenses at an international institution.

You could grow your resources by buying stocks. Through this tactic, you may double or triple your investment within a few months or years if you choose a company wisely. You could also set up a side business that allows you to receive additional income that will be beneficial for paying for IBDP programme fees in Singapore.

D. Understand The Fee Breakdown And Payment Methods

Like getting other products or services for yourself and your loved ones, you should inquire about an international school fee breakdown before enrolling your kid in a learning facility. You should check where your money will go and see if you are paying for resources and facilities vital to child development and learning. Moreover, be aware of the expenses excluded from the fee structure. See if you should still settle the canteen, campus tour, or uniform costs after paying for the school programmes.

Additionally, inquire about the institution’s acceptable payment plans or methods. Will they require you to pay the amount upfront, or will they allow you to settle the total IGCSE or IBDP fees monthly, quarterly, or annually?

Sign Your Kid Up To An International School Today!

Being a parent is undoubtedly expensive. Mums and dads like you will need to buy countless goods and get various services to give their children the comfortable life they deserve. You will also need to settle fees to send them to school and let them receive a quality education from IGCSE schools. But despite the financial weight associated with parenthood, couples still want to have kids and provide for them due to the irreplaceable feeling they get after seeing their child become one of the most successful members of society.

If you think you are financially ready to send your kid to an international school, you can begin researching institutions like NPS International School and pick the ideal educational facility! Visit their website below to learn more about their holistic and empowering kindergarten, primary, middle school, IGCSE, and IBDP programmes.

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