School Begins! 6 Tips for Overcoming Your Children’s Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common among kids when the school year begins. They will be apart from their parents in the meantime and immerse themselves in an unfamiliar environment. From the scientific and medical points of view, separation anxiety is a mental disorder that needs professional attention. It is when a child fears losing a loved one due to an accident or unforeseen events. Mostly, they will refuse to go to a preschool in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.

Some parents might assume that children are only overreacting when they are crying. Some even say they should toughen up, but these words can only backfire as they will not alleviate the children’s fears. You cannot ignore the fact that you need to be more patient and passionate when dealing with your children’s separation anxiety.

After all, developing anxiety is not their fault because hormonal imbalances and environmental factors influence it. Perhaps, the child also underwent trauma. Nonetheless, it would be best if you still were a parent. And as a parent, you must make the first days of school at a Singapore preschool less stressful.

For parents, read the article as a guide when your kids will attend a new school year.


 How to Help Your Children Overcome Separation Anxiety

Children naturally cling to their parents because they are unfamiliar with the school environment. There are new people, including their classmates and teachers. On top of this, they must follow a different routine because they must study and listen in class. Plus, they will be apart from their parents, making them more anxious.

As a good parent, you must learn how to handle separation anxiety the right way. So, the article lists some helpful tips to guide when the class begins at the preschool in Punggol.

1)  Consult a Child Psychiatrist

Weeks or months before the school year begins, you can visit a child psychiatrist to know if your children have separation anxiety. This way, you can prepare them for the upcoming school opening. There are symptoms you must be mindful of, like fear of being alone, too much worrying about the safety of family members, very clingy, refusal to go to school and nightmares of separating from parents.

If you see these symptoms, don’t hesitate to visit child psychiatry to learn what you can do to improve the situation. Some parents would probably ignore these signs because they believe the child will outgrow them. It is true, but you must be active in improving their situation. Doing so, you’ll know what to do when the school year begins at a Singapore preschool.

2)  Explain the New School Routine

As a parent, gently explain to your children the new school routine they will encounter. Tell them the purpose of their education. Answer questions like: Why do children need to go to school? Why do they have to learn different subjects? With this, they will have more clarification on why going to school is essential to their growth.

Also, explain that while they are at the kindergarten in Ang Mo Kio, you are at home or work doing your typical routine. It means you are safe and everything will be fine. Assure them that you will return and fetch them at the school once the bell rings. They will be more familiar and prepared for the new school year by explaining these things.

3)  Visit the School

Before the school opening, you can also visit the school premises so your children can be familiar with the classrooms, canteen, playground and other areas. It can alleviate their fears and make them excited about the class opening. On top of this, you can also ask the teachers if they can do a tour so your children can be more familiar with the school paths and routes.

Aside from the school, you can also visit the establishments around the school, like restaurants, landmarks, stores, and bus stops. This way, your children will be more familiar with the place once they attend the preschool in Punggol. It is a way of preparing them for the new tasks ahead.

4)  Bring Comfort Objects

Since your children have separation anxiety, let them bring comfort objects that remind them of home. You can let them get a stuffed toy that can alleviate their fears while they are at school. Also, inform the teachers that they will bring such objects for separation anxiety.

It may seem small, but it can help children face their anxieties when they are in an unfamiliar place. Perhaps, you can also make their favourite food for their lunch break at the kindergarten in Ang Mo Kio. You will surely see improvement, and someday in the future, they can be more independent.

5)  Be Careful With Your Words

Your words have a significant impact on the way your children think. Harsh words can echo in their minds until adulthood. Think of this scenario: a parent is shouting at the child and saying things like Stop being weak, look at your other classmates! Aside from the words, the child will feel shame because people will hear these embarrassing words. It is not tough love, and it will not help your children.

For this reason, you must be more sensitive with the choice of your words. When the children go to Singapore preschool, choose kind words as you can do it, everything will be fine, you can overcome your anxiety, and assure them that they can be independent.

6)  Remind That You Will Always Come Back

As a parent, you must remind your children that you will always come back. Assure them that you will fetch them at the appropriate time and place. You can also get the teacher’s contact information to inform them if you are within the school premises.

As such, you will be able to alleviate the anxiety of your children. So, search for childcare near me on Google so the school will be near your home or work. See, all you need is patience. Your children will outgrow this situation and will become more independent because of your support.

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