Salary for MCA Graduates based on Job Roles and Specialisations

If you’re an MCA student curious about your work opportunities? Then you’ve landed in the right spot since this article details the average MCA degree salary and other pertinent information. First, you will learn about the MCA jobs and salaries of the various specialisations. Then, you will explore the highest MCA jobs and salaries available to graduates. Let’s begin:

Who Can Pursue an MCA degree?

The MCA (Master of Computer Applications) curriculum focuses on delivering practical and theoretical computer science training and knowledge. The MCA course details include that it offers you how and where to utilise computer applications to accomplish tasks and solve issues. Therefore, the primary focus of the program is on computer applications.

In addition to the MCA course details, the duration of a course is two years. Throughout this program, students gain proficiency in many programming languages, enabling students to earn a respectable MCA graduate income. In addition, this degree equips students with the skills necessary to progress in Computer Application Development and other related sectors. By completing this curriculum with diligence and concentration, you will be able to earn the MCA degree salary of your dreams.

What is the Average Salary of MCA graduates?

MCA implies a Master of Computer Applications degree. This is a graduate-level course that provides specialist computer science, organisation, and application knowledge. In India, the average annual pay for MCA holders is ₹7.58 Lakh. MCA graduates earn approximately ₹4 lakh per year.

In contrast, senior employees with an MCA certificate earn roughly ₹20 Lakh annually. You should be aware that your compensation would rely on various variables, including geography, company, and experience. Notable MCA prospective students include Tata Consultancy Services, HCL Technologies, Accenture, and others.

The completion of an MCA programme opens several doors. By finishing specialist training, you can pursue profitable professions and standard roles.

What is the MCA Salary with Specialisation?

Your speciality might have a considerable effect on your compensation. In this part of the MCA salary article, you will examine the median earnings for the following disciplines:

  • MCA in Software Development

With just an MCA in software development specialisation, you may seek software development employment in firms. The typical MCA job salary for those specialising in software development is ₹5.99 lakh. Fresh graduates with this course and specialisation earn approximately ₹2.3 Lakh per year. The average MCA job salary annual compensation for experienced individuals with this degree and specialisation is ₹20 Lakh.

  • MCA in Management Information Systems 

MIS professionals assist businesses in maximising the investments they make. The annual salary of MCA graduates with a concentration in MIS is approximately ₹2.94 Lakh on average. With this qualification, you can seek more senior positions in this industry through all these qualifications as you gain experience.

  • MCA in Data Science

India’s data science industry is among the fastest-growing sectors, expanding at a pace of over 33% each year. Given the high demand for data science specialists, most students opt to concentrate on this discipline. The average pay structure, which is 7 LPA, also indicates this aspiration.

  • MCA in Cloud Computing

The topic of cloud computing is currently being researched and has ample possibility for growth in the next few years. As a consequence of their recognition of cloud computing’s possibilities, many organisations are making substantial investments in it. 

Those with an MCA in cloud computing will have more excellent stability and growth chances, which is a positive aspect. According to Payscale, an MCA student focused on cloud computing may anticipate earning around 7,94 LPA on average. An entry-level employee might make approximately 6.31 LPA. As a cloud services expert with an MCA degree in India, you are sure to get profitable employment with top-tier companies.

  • MCA in Full-Stack Development

The sudden shift toward the digital world has increased the market for full-stack developers, and firms are seeking developers as they build a robust online presence. According to Payscale, the average income for an MCA in India specialising in full-stack development is between ₹2.5 and ₹6 LPA. In addition, organisations such as Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, and Accenture offer competitive salaries for MCA students. Therefore, aspirants should seek employment with these companies.

  • MCA in Software Engineering

Although they are distinct specialities,the general public frequently confuses  software engineering and software development. Software engineers apply the fundamentals of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software. In contrast, software engineers concentrate on developing the necessary software. The fundamental emphasis of software engineers stays on architecture.

The annual median pay for MCA students with a Software Engineering concentration is ₹8 Lakh. Starting with this specialisation earns around ₹2,500,000 per year. However, your compensation will climb significantly as you develop experience and expertise in this profession.

  • MCA in Computer Networking Systems

The average annual pay for those with an MCA in Computer Networking Systems is ₹6.24 Lakh. Newcomers in this industry make approximately ₹2.6 Lakh per year, while seasoned experts can make up to ₹30 Lakh per year. However, keep in mind that your salary in this industry depends on various circumstances, including location and company.

What are the Job Opportunities After You Do MCA?

These positions offer some of the best employment possibilities and the highest salaries for MCA graduates in India. Developers of software plan, produce, design, and manage software. They collaborate with the client to determine their needs.

  • Business Analyst: Business analysts examine a company’s technological and non-technical needs or challenges and then provide a plan or solution.
  • Database Engineer: The duties of a database engineer include creating and maintaining systems. Additionally, they will be accountable for resolving any database errors.
  • Hardware Engineer: To ensure the proper operation of a computer system, an equipment engineer must be dedicated to finding and resolving problems that arise during the program’s installation and testing. They are involved both in the production and evaluation of hardware products.
  • Software Consultant: The activities and responsibilities of a software consultant involve examining and analysing organisational processes and recommending the most appropriate software options and other vital knowledge to boost efficiency.

Fortunately, these aren’t the positions that offer the best salary for MCA graduates in India. There are numerous other possibilities awaiting qualified people!


Choosing a profession can be a challenging task. However, it is advisable to keep your goals in mind when deciding on a career path. For example, do you desire a higher-paying job? Or, perhaps, you are interested in a profession that allows you to address challenging issues. Addressing these concerns can clear up a great deal of misunderstanding regarding career choices.

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People Also Ask

  • What is the lowest salary for an MCA fresher in India?

Entry-level roles begin at ₹287,500 per year, although the majority of experienced employees earn up to ₹2,160,000 per year.

  • What is the highest salary for an MCA fresher in India?

In India, the median annual pay for MCA holders is ₹7.58 Lakh. MCA freshmen earn approximately ₹4 lakh per year. In contrast, senior employees with an MCA degree earn approximately ₹20 Lakh annually.

  • MBA vs MCA: Which one is better?

MBA is a better programme for candidates who are more likely to take on leading and administrative positions, whilst MCA is more appropriate for students who seek to enhance their technical skills.

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