First aid skills for students of driving courses

If you often and actively participate in road traffic, come to the course and learn how to properly and safely assist accident victims. The erste hilfe kurs münchen pasing covers the most common situations with particular emphasis on the issues related to the examination questions.

General training

During the training, we place great emphasis on the practical skills of the participants, using various types of situational exercises, perfecting the techniques of remembering, and controlling the knowledge transmitted on an ongoing basis. The first aid course and other training courses we offer, as well as rescue demonstrations, are carried out following the latest guidelines and standards.


The first aid training midland tx in road accidents is intended for all road users, from cyclists to professional drivers. Let us not forget that each of us can witness a traffic accident! We recommend führerschein erste hilfe kurs münchen to all whose work is related to frequent relocation, transport, and fieldwork. We want the participants to stay cool in an emergency and know how to provide first aid.


  • regulations;
  • psychological aspects;
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation (resuscitation) of adults;
  • personal safety;
  • the victim’s safety;
  • safety at the car;
  • effective calling for help;
  • basic vital functions control;
  • clearing the airways, foreign body in the respiratory tract, choking;
  • securing the scene of the accident;
  • evacuation from the endangered place;
  • technical aspects of traffic accidents;
  • traffic injuries;
  • spinal cord injuries;
  • shock;
  • the aid kits.


Our advantage is a professional team of instructors working every day in the teams of the Ambulance Service and units of the State Fire Service. The führerschein erste hilfe kurs instructors are people who perform their profession with passion, have extensive professional experience, supported by appropriate education. They are paramedics who have vast practical experience in providing first aid on the road.


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