An all-round study about the Fe environmental practice exam

The Fundamentals of Engineering or the FE Environmental Practice exam is meant for engineer graduates who want to work as licensed engineers. It is conducted by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. The council conducts examinations to award the professional license to engineering graduates. A professional license is important because it will allow you to perform all engineering work with complete authority. A lack of license can hinder your projects.

Students must note that only graduates from an ABET-accredited engineering program are eligible to apply for the FE exam. After passing from the registered university, you will be eligible to apply for the exam. There are several disciplines of the FE exam, and the Environmental practice exam is one of them.

Students are often advised to give the exam in their final semester, as that will help them get the certification sooner. However, you can give the exam even if you have taken a gap after graduating. The exam is a CBT or a Computer Based Test. It is better than the pen and paper version as it allows you to review your answers properly.

How are candidates marked in the FE environmental practice exam?

The FE exam has a psychometric system of scoring. That means it takes an average of all the scores into account. So, how you perform in the exam will depend a lot on how your competitors do in the exam. It takes a representative average of all the scores. Thus, the average passing marks for the exam keeps varying every time. In the end, when you see your scores, it will give you a representation of how you performed against others, and that won’t be your actual score.

Resources for the FE environmental practice exam

It is important to collect all the resources for the FE environmental FE practice exam before starting your preparation. It will give you a good idea about what to expect in the exam. There are several resources in the form of books, classes, sample papers, and guides.

Books to follow for the FE environmental practice exam

Here are some of the most helpful books that will give you good guidance for the FE environmental practice exam. The list of books is not exhaustive, so you can add on anything else you want as well.

  • FE Practice exam

This is a sample paper book that covers all the previous year questions and some sample questions as well. Solving this book at least five times can give you a good idea about the exam pattern. Also, you will learn to manage your time well during the exam. The book also has detailed solutions that you can refer to while studying.

  • Anthem Environmental FE Exam book

There are various numerical and theoretical problems in this book that you can refer to. Solving these problems will give you the confidence to face the actual exam. Also, practicing the problems at least thrice is a good preparation strategy. The book covers all the syllabus for the FE environmental practice exam in detail, so you will have no problem during the actual exam.

  • Brightwood environmental engineering book

This is a very useful resource for the FE exam as the author gives rich insights into how you should approach the FE exam. There are several explanations in the book that will help you during your preparation. Also, the numerical problems given in the book will aid your preparation in a significant way. If you want to practice conceptual questions, this is a great book for it. Complete this book before the exam and go through the problems at least twice to get a good grip over the exam.

  • Lindeburg’s Book for FE practice exam

It is a useful book for solving the maths portion of the exam. It has good conceptual questions on mathematics, statistics, and chemistry. Also, if you want to practice questions from the biology section, the book is a helpful resource. It has detailed solutions that will help you solve all the questions with more enthusiasm.

These were the various resources that can aid you during your FE exam prep. Having these resources can improve your preparation strategy and help you secure good scores in the exam.

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